Why Join NRHSA?

NRHSA is a national organization which serves to unite hobby retailers to present one voice, one consistent message to the rest of the trade. You are the front line in the distribution chain, working directly with the consumer who pays our bills. You know what the consumer needs and you know what you need to best serve them. Your experiences should dictate what new products to develop, what information and training materials are needed, and what kind of advertising should be done to grow the market. The NRHSA organization is the tool for you to use to get that message across, loud and clear.

However, the best reason for joining NRHSA is because it unites your voice with that of hundreds of other top retailers across the country to provide one clear message to the rest of the trade. This is the power that won't be ignored. And when used effectively, manufacturers, distributors, and publishers will be influenced to provide you with just the products and services you need to please consumers and grow the market.

So, join today! The more members in NRHSA, the more power and influence retailers will have in our industry. Who better to have it than those who work most closely with the ultimate consumer?

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